This is my very first webpage and hopefully the things on it will get better as I go along but my ending result should be things from every category. I will try to update this page every day but this will be COMPLETELY FREE because I know how annoying things get when you want to be able to do something and you can't unless you pay money so just enjoy this site!

small fluffy biege kitten itsy bitsy bundles of fluff all three of these kittens you just want to pick up and snuggle

The kittens are soooo cute! I know you want to play some games so, here are some games that are AWESOME! Some are 13 or older but appropriate for younger, all these games are in the ranges of 9 to older. Make sure to ask your parents!

soft rose nice red
  1. www.foopets.com - A great website where you can adopt a virtual dog or my favorite a KITTEN!
  2. www.miniclip.com - My favorite games are here and the website contains all sorts!
  3. http://www.poptropica.com - A very intresting virtual world but only in the main places can you chat if that's what you want.
all good games

the cat that swims silky kitten and puppie cherry blossom scene beautiful sunset